Remote Selling & WhatsApp Engagement

The SEEFORME solution is designed to transform remote selling into an exciting purchasing experience, in response to well-known research on e-commerce in the luxury sector.

Remote collection presentations, products and sales for showrooms and retail stores?
SEEFORME has developed a technology applied to smart glasses that enables all this with the greatest ease and to high professional standards.

Ideal for fashion agencies and retailers, as they can receive remote yet real visits to their points of sale from purchasers from the comfort of their own homes, via devices such as smartphones.

A new, alternative digital purchasing method.

SEEFORME by WhatsApp

WhatsApp-based conversational commerce cloud platform

SEEFORME by WhatsApp is a WhatsApp-based conversational commerce cloud platform that enables consumer engagement via a centralised system that uses a verified unique number on the corporate website and coordinates and manages all operators and live agents through a simple, user-friendly interface.

SEEFORME by WhatsApp permits personalised customer service relations that are asynchronous (as against the synchronous/live mode of standard SEEFORME).

A link to the by WhatsApp service is provided on a company’s corporate website or any of its social media channels.