Digital Traceability throughout the Supply Chain​

In a context of growing complexity and disruption of global Supply Chains and regulatory requirements such as the Digital Product Passport and Sustainability, extended traceability throughout the supply chain is becoming more and more important and acquiring “Must Have” status.
With its impressive expertise in Supply Chains and IoT technologies (RFID, BLE, NFC, sensors, etc.), Elision supports companies in all aspects of end-to-end traceability and visibility of logistics and production chains, also leveraging the Tesisquare collaborative platform.
Elision works in all industrial sectors with product traceability systems at various levels, including item level (such as in lifestyle products and many other areas of manufacturing), providing every single product with a digital identity using RFID and other IoT technologies and tracking it through all production and logistics processes, from its birth to delivery to the customer and after-sales.
Projects range from the optimisation of logistics management with RFID to Cold Chain solutions, which provide precise, real-time control of handling unit temperature for the perishable goods sector (see Pinin La Granda project) and the pharmaceutical sector. Elision uses IoT technology to detect the presence and condition of goods in transit throughout the supply chain and integrates these data in the Tesisquare platform for real end-to-end visibility, which increases the monitoring of goods in transit and reduces errors and wastage due to the deterioration of merchandise.
Elision traceability solutions are able to manage product genealogy, working back from finished product to components by tracking the batches and serial numbers of components and semi-finished products and the various related certifications (e.g. CITES, Formaldehyde free, metal free). 
Last but not least, the IoT allows the realisation of Industry 4.0 projects relating to both the product and the process, to improve management of production and enable the preventive and predictive maintenance of machinery and equipment.