NFC - Near Field Communication

NFC stands for Near Field Communication: it is a technology that enables two devices to connect to each other via a wireless system This means the two devices can exchange files by just touching each other, or when they are a very small distance apart.

It is a short-range two-way system that usually works over distances of no more than 10 cm.

What’s more, since it is a two-way system, files can travel from one device to the other and vice-versa; the result is a peer-to-peer network in which both devices can exchange and receive information of various kinds.

Unlike Bluetooth, with NFC technology the identification, authentication and pairing of the two devices becomes completely automatic.

Most mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks and some Bluetooth devices, especially the latest generation, have a chip for NFC connection. This allows the activation of consumer engagement solutions, enabling direct interaction between producer and consumer, with products that “talk” to consumers to give them information, and new, exciting services.