Digital Product Passport

Stakeholders are demanding more from businesses


  • ethical practices and corporate values are a major reason for choosing a brand
  • purchasing decisions are partially based on the sustainability of products and businesses


  • the organisation should be responsible for ensuring better quality of life through work, the community and environmental impact
  • the flexibility to be productive anywhere


  • In France, a decree introduced in January 2023 under the AGEC law will require public disclosure of various kinds of information about every product
  • The European ESPR (Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation) introduces the concept of the Digital Product Passport


  • assessment of company performance using ESG ratings
  • greater willingness to invest in companies with good ESG ratings

What is the DPP Digital Product Passport?

Monitoring of the extraction/production of raw materials, supporting due diligence

Enabling producers to create digital twins of products, incorporating all the information required

Enabling producers to create digital twins of products, incorporating all the information required

Facilitating market supervisory and customs authorities by supplying them with the information they need to do their job

Providing public authorities and political decision-makers with reliable information. Enabling incentives to be linked to sustainability performance

Giving the public access to relevant, reliable information about the characteristics of the products they own or which they are intending to purchase/hire (e.g. using apps able to read identifiers)

The response

Businesses need to improve the Brand’s consumer experience through open, proactive disclosure regarding the product’s composition and supply chain, as well as ESG commitments.

This function is based on digital collaboration, extended visibility and transparency regarding the product throughout the lifecycle.

Digital Collaboration

It involves every level of the supply chain to guarantee an open flow and exchange of information

Extended E2E Visibility

Data and information from all supply chain actors and processors (from n level suppliers to customers), enabling digital representation of the physical supply chain (crucial part)


Digital product passport

Digital data on the product throughout its entire lifecycle

TESISQUARE, in partnership with Elision, is able to offer a complete, integrated approach to Product Transparency, Extended Traceability and Sustainability, enabling management of the DPP (Digital Product Passport) or other Digital Identity solutions of this kind using various modules of its TESISQUARE Platform.

TESISQUARE‘s mission is to help companies to construct digital supply chain ecosystems, to enable them to maximise their performance through extended, complex corporate networks and offer a fully integrated solution