Consumer Engagement


The brand is what enables a company to charge "a bit more" for its product, or win a larger market share than businesses that sell similar products without a name. That "something extra" signifies an incremental future cash flow. The current value of these incremental future cash flows is what is known as brand equity. Building brand equity is the only known, recognised way of creating long-term value for shareholders. It is the fulcrum of any manager's work.

Elision is able to support your company with an end-to-end approach that takes a detailed look at all supply chain data, providing valuable, usable information as the basis for increasing your business's efficiency, transparency and profitability.

Connecting brands and consumers through products

With Elision, companies can give their products a digital identityable to guarantee their authenticity and establish a relationship with the final consumer.

Integrating the TESISQUARE Consumer Engagement model with the company's IT system enables automatic generation of the digital profile of each object right from the production phase: if a QR code or an NFC tag containing the ID code is applied to the product, it acquires its own digital identity.

Scanning the ID code with a smartphone reveals the entire supply chain from production to final customer (storytelling), also guaranteeing the product's authenticity. This storytelling triggers interaction with the customer, offering a new purchasing and after-sales engagement experience.

All distributed data can be collected on blockchain to provide transparency and security.

Elision guarantees the utmost brand protection and promotion in every sector, especially fashion (clothing, footwear, eyewear, accessories, etc.).

Some features of the platform.

The potential for monitoring the entire market sector at the global level, establishing a process of collaboration between Brands and their customers (reporting of fake products through an App) and applying the system for both in-store sales and e-commerce makes the Consumer Engagement module an impressive tool for combating counterfeiting, easily integrated into existing management and also anti-counterfeiting systems.