Brand Protection


The module offers a unique, innovative solution for certifying products’ authenticity and originality, for:

  • Control of sale of non-authentic products
  • Control of sales on unauthorised channels
  • Identification of counterfeit products

There are various levels of anti-counterfeiting control

Black Market

  • This relates to the production of more or less well made imitations of original garments, which are independently distributed on parallel markets, generally at much lower prices.

Grey Market

  • This relates to the distribution of original garments on unauthorised sales channels.
  • eAc contains a Unique Identifier (UID), coded by the microchip’s producer and unmodifiable (the eAC). If the UID is included in the product information on the article, the article’s authenticity can be checked.
  • The eAc contains a “digital mark”, generated from the article’s production data by means of a secret cryptographic key and read by other subjects using a public key.
  • The eAc contains key data for the article’s traceability, allowing its path from producer to point of sale to be tracked.
  • Each UID is associated with a visible serial number, the alternative key to the product information if the eAc is damaged.
  • The eAc is in the form of a fabric label fixed to a pocket or underneath the leather label, with a printed serial number in the visible part and a slender antenna in the hidden part.
  • The certificate accompanies the product throughout its lifecycle, from production and assembly through to sale and even afterwards, so it must not be invasive

The PYB Module has a patented dual key authentication protocol that links every identifier (QR code, UHF tag, NFC tag, …) with information about temporary possession of the product.

Assigning a status to the product allows it to be located along the supply chain at any moment.

Tesi PYB is an anti-counterfeiting and consumer engagement solution that can interface with various IoT platforms to guarantee products' origin and traceability through a unique customer experience.

With Tesi PYB, companies can give their products a digital identity or Digital Passport able to guarantee their authenticity and establish a relationship with the final consumer.

Integrating Tesi PYB with the company's IT system enables automatic generation of the digital profile of each object right from the production phase: if a QR code or an NFC tag containing the PYB code is applied to the product, it acquires its own digital identity.

Scanning the Tesi PYB code with a smartphone reveals the entire supply chain to the final customer (storytelling), also guaranteeing the product's authenticity. This storytelling triggers interaction with the customer, offering a new purchasing and after-sales engagement experience.

All distributed data are collected on blockchain to provide transparency and security.

Tesi PYB guarantees the utmost Brand protection and value in the high-end and luxury product sector (including collectors' items), especially for the fashion industry (clothing, footwear, eyewear, accessories, etc.).

The potential for monitoring the entire market sector at the global level, establishing a process of collaboration between Brands and their customers (reporting of fake products via an App) and applying the system for both in-store sales and e-commerce makes Tesi PYB an impressive tool for combating counterfeiting, easily integrated into existing management and also anti-counterfeiting systems.