Product Tracking and Real Time Location Systems

Elision creates RTLS (real time location system) projects for the placing and indoor monitoring of objects in various sectors;

Indoor and outdoor location technologies enable the precise, real-time identification and location of objects along an industrial process in a plant or yard, permitting unprecedented operating control and efficiency.

In fact, RTLS systems are able to track the products, equipment and people that contribute to the industrial process. Elision uses the best technologies on the market, from Angle of Arrival / Departure (AoA / AoD) to zonal identification systems integrated with RFID and other identification systems in advanced warehousing systems that require picking by serial number, reducing location and identification times to a fraction. In asset management systems they enable better use and sharing of equipment, while with regard to occupational safety they allow people to be located in emergencies or to prevent collisions with vehicles in the warehouse or factory.