About us

ELISION is the TESISQUARE® Centre of Expertise for:
  • IoT
  • consumer engagement and traceability

specialising in services and solutions for giving products a digital identity (serialisation, anti-counterfeiting, consumer engagement, end-to-end traceability and sustainability), connecting the brand and the consumer through a “One Partner” approach.

Elision originated from the merger of H&S Custom S.r.l. and 3rand Up Solutions S.r.l.

Elision has years of experience in a variety of technologies including RFID HF & UHF, BLE, NFC and UWB, with dozens of successful projects in an array of industrial sectors such as Fashion, Luxury, Retail and Manufacturing.

Elision focuses on the following:


At TESISQUARE® we help businesses to built digital supply chain ecosystems, enabling clients to maximise their performance through extensive sales networks.
We see maintaining flexibility and an openness to new ideas as the absolute priority for delivering end-to-end operating excellence, leveraging pragmatic innovation.

Growth guided by our clients’ success

With more than 27 years’ experience in Information Technology, we have enjoyed constant growth,
continuing to develop and distribute complete, reliable software solutions in 40 countries worldwide.

Elision in Assintel

H&S Custom (now Elision) has been a member of Assintel, the National ICT Association of retailers’ confederation Confcommercio, since 2012.
HSC has participated in Retail working groups with its in-Store technologies.