Elision is the IoT company by TESISQUARE® and works in IoT & DIGITAL PRODUCT LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT. It specialises in services and solutions for giving products a digital identity (serialisation, anti-counterfeiting, consumer engagement, end-to-end traceability and sustainability) to connect brands with consumers through a “One Partner” approach.

Elision has years of experience in the IoT with a variety of technologies including RFID HF & UHF, BLE, NFC, UWB and BLOCKCHAIN and has developed successful projects in the following sectors: Fashion, Luxury, Retail and Manufacturing.

Specifically, it develops projects relating to the modules shown in green in the TESISQUARE Platform chart, adopted by more than 500 businesses in all sectors.

Elision develops projects in the following areas:

  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Fighting the grey market
  • End-to-end digital traceability
  • Industrial digital traceability
  • Digital product passport
  • Cites
  • Logistics, goods handling and stocktaking
  • Operations in the Retail Sector
  • Consumer engagement
  • IoT
  • Product tracing and real-time indoor and outdoor location systems
  • Omnichannel and remote selling