DPP - Digital Product Passport

European companies in many industrial sectors will shortly be obliged to manage the Digital Product Passport.

A number of European directives and regulations regarding the EU Green Deal and Circular Economy set the requirements of the Digital Product Passport. This concept applies to all products (with a few exceptions) and each product family will have to comply with sector-specific requirements.
In France, clothing and textile companies above a certain size have already been obliged to provide it since 1 January 2023.

In general, the Digital Product Passport will have to meet a number of requirements:

Although it may appear to be an additional cost for companies, in fact the Digital Product Passport opens out a series of opportunities and potential benefits. In particular, it enables:

Elision is able to supply a broad spectrum of services and solutions to support companies in the development of Digital Identity and Digital Product Passport, also leveraging TESISQUARE solutions, including services and solutions for end-to-end Traceability and Collaboration, objective Traceability, collection of Sustainability information, management of and “secure” access to the Digital Passport by the various actors in various ways, permanent monitoring of regulations at the European level with the relative legal and regulatory support services, and company check-ups to ensure regulatory compliance in this area.