Elision acquires capital shares of Autentico

The operation strengthens the range of solutions for preventing counterfeiting and ensuring the traceability of wine, oil, and other bottled products.

Elision, a company specializing in blockchain and the IoT and a TESISQUARE® competence centre, purchases capital shares in and joins the Italian company Autentico Srl, specialized in solutions using RFID/NFC technology for the winemaking sector. The operation is the result of a long journey for Elision and was finalized last December.

Autentico Srl is an innovative Italian SME that implements innovative solutions to prevent counterfeiting and improve warehouse logistics using RFID technology. It specializes in the winemaking sector, guaranteeing full traceability of bottles from the bottling line to final consumers, wherever they are around the world, as well as forgery prevention and controlling sales beyond the customers’ commercial area (fighting the grey market).

According to research by FederVini, the counterfeiting of wine and spirits leads to a loss of €2.7 billion per year for the industry, equal to nearly 7% of total sales, with 7,100 potential jobs lost.  Counterfeiting of wine and spirits goes well beyond simple falsification of the labels. Adulteration may involve various techniques, such as dilution with water, the addition of alcohol, sugar, or low-quality wine in wine of a higher quality, or the replacement of bulk wine with cheap wine.

To solve such problems, Autentico has developed two hardware/software platforms, Autentico Chain and Autentico NFC, used respectively to control production and distribution using RFID and NFC technology.

The two platforms consist of RFID machines and software that wine producers can use to convert their traditional production into RFID-based production. The various innovative features of the two solutions include micro NFC tags (hidden or visible) suitable for intensive bottling lines to avoid damage during the bottling process. Each bottle becomes unique, impossible to clone, perfectly recognizable from all others, and traceable at any moment, wherever it is located.  No less important, direct contact with the winery and final customer reading the NFC tag present on the bottle — by simply bring a smartphone close by — opens the doors to an infinite number of marketing possibilities, whether for loyalty purposes or to enhance profits.

We are very proud of this operation,’ says Dario Pacotto, CEO of Elision.  ‘The partnership will allow us to enhance synergy between the two companies and let Autentico take advantage of Tesisquare’s broad international network. The Autentico team will contribute its own expertise with regard to applications and techniques to continue developing IoT solutions to manage all supply-chain processes, thus protecting the Made in Italy brand and fighting counterfeiting. In addition, this agreement will allow us to enter the winemaking sector, which we were not a part of before. Imitations of Italian winemaking excellence — for example, the large brands governed by consortia — are the order of the day, and it is precisely to limit this risk that we have decided to invest in an innovative partner such as Autentico.’

Diego Lai, CEO of Autentico says, ‘Autentico’s goal is to provide innovative solutions to fight counterfeiting and uncontrolled distribution. In the five years since the company was established, we have perfected solutions to provide an excellent level of reliability, and tagging nearly 7 million bottles with RFID and NFC technology. Our close relationship with customers and steady annual growth has created the necessary trust to present ourselves to Elision in the Tesisquare Group. Elision’s participation brings great value to Autentico. We are enthusiastic about working together and feel supported by the experience and expertise of the entire Group. We are certain that this agreement will be a new beginning for Autentico, a positive stimulus for the entire organization and an increase in its market position.’

Autentico Srl – Autentico is an innovative Italian SME that implements innovative solutions to prevent counterfeiting and improve warehouse logistics using RFID technology.

Since 2017, the year it was founded, it has focused on wine producers, gaining significant experience in production systems and issues in distributing products.

Over the years, Autentico has developed two solutions, Autentico Chain and Autentico NFC, used respectively in the supply chain and for single product tracing, even on the shelf.

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